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Sanden manufactures high quality, durable air conditioning compressors, & condensers for light vehicles, heavy trucks, agricultural equipment, construction vehicles, buses, and other special applications.
Sanden’s versatile assembly lines are designed to change configurations easily for a different model or a completely different product line. Advanced production methods allow Sanden to be especially responsive to any customer requests.
For over 30 years, Sanden has been a major supplier of automotive compressors and HVAC components to the worlds most prestigious vehicle manufacturers. Sanden utilizes an extensive global network of manufacturing plants and suppliers to remain a leader in mobile climate technology.

Handy Hints

Refrigerant Oil for Sanden Compressors

Sanden compressors come with refrigerant oil already installed. The amount of factory installed oil varies by model. Check the compressor label for the exact amount of refrigerant oil specified for your unit.
Below is a list of Sanden compressor types and the refrigerant oil that was factory installed in each type. Sanden compressor oil can be purchased from authorized Sanden distributors. Only use Sanden compressor oil. Do not substitute other oil types in Sanden compressors.
Sanden sells SP-15 (part #7803-1996) oil through authorized distributors.


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