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Ashdown-Ingram turns 50

Publish Date: 2/11/2015

This year, Ashdown-Ingram turned 50 – what an achievement!

While today we stand strong as one company and Australia’s largest distributor of auto electrical and thermal control products, it was not always the case. We were once bitter rivals and fiercely competitive, often moving (literally) a stones throw away from each other when either company decided to expand.

This was a point repeated during a gala dinner held last month in honour of this prestigious milestone. During the event, CEO Rob Cameron reflected upon the similarities of both businesses. “As we completed the merger, we discovered both companies were virtually identical. Ratios, sales, trends – everything was the same, except for the culture.

“Ingram was a very conservative company with an amazing focus on customer service. Ashdown, was sales aggressive with the ability to sell ice to Eskimos. Suffice it to say, the merger was complicated,” he said.

But that was ten years ago and now we’ve got the best of both worlds, offering world class customer service and the leading products you know, love and need to make your job easier, and customers happier.

We’ve come a long way since selling transistor radios and rewinding armature and rotor rebuilds in a garage, but it’s been a great journey with many amazing supplier and customer relationships built along the way.

Thanks for being a part of Ashdown-Ingram’s first 50 years; we look forward to spending the next 50 with you.