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HiLux Expedition

Publish Date: 21/6/2017

What’s more important; comfort, or the ability to travel wherever you want, no matter how remote or rugged? What if you could do both?

Icelandic photographer, Stefan Forster travels to the edge of the earth to capture his stunning nature shots. From the swamps of Louisiana, USA, to the rugged, snowy landscape of Greenland, no amount of unforgiving terrain will deter him.

However, lugging around armfuls of photography equipment whilst battling the elements can wear a little thin. Forster’s solution? The Toyota Hilux Expedition V1. 

Forster orchestrated a custom build on a 3.0L diesel Toyota Hilux, creating the perfect hybrid between motorhome and four-wheel drive. The vehicle is fully kitted to handle the toughest off-road conditions including front and rear diff locks, off-road heavy duty rims and tyres, snorkel, suspension and steering column upgrades, underbody protection and a host of other features, in addition to comfortably sleeping two adults and two children.

The camper section features a double bed and two singles, two burner stove, sink, table, 11L hot water boiler, shower, toilet, 2800W sine wave converter for small appliances and dimmable LEDs throughout. The cabin’s innovative design only adds an additional 1.2L/100km fuel consumption to the base model vehicle and is fully self-sufficient with 110L freshwater tank, greywater tank, 1.5m2 of solar panels and three batteries.  

Forster said he selected the Hilux as it offered the best ‘all-terrain’ solution. He observed a number of vehicles which were tailored to master specific geographic conditions, such as the Volkswagen Amarok in Europe and the Toyota HZJ in Australia, but in his opinion, nothing would take him from Europe to Australia and everything in between better than the Hilux could.

The need for a low-maintenance, easy to repair vehicle which was tough off-road whilst still providing comfort were the key drivers in Forster’s decision-making process. The limited electronics meaning simpler repairs, renowned reliability and superior performance in water crossings were the primary selling points for Forster.

Dubbed the Úlfur, Icelandic for wolf, this beast offers the best of both worlds, with ferocious off-road abilities and the comfort of home, all wrapped up in tough yet compact vehicle.

Find out more about Stefan and his Úlfur by clicking here.

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