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OEX’s Alternator innovation impresses the 4WD market

Publish Date: 26/4/2018

OEX has been delivering quality, affordable aftermarket parts to the automotive industry for 20 years. It is a brand trusted by auto electrical specialists and one that is known for its propensity for innovation and commitment to reliable parts.

Whilst this brand is widely recognised in the industry, few car owners are aware of the brand’s existence; they’ll take their vehicle to their local auto electrician for a repair, the parts are fitted and, as long as the car drives the customer is generally happy, no questions asked.

However, a recent article in leading 4WD magazine, 4x4 Australia, has recognised the difference an OEX innovation can make to the 4x4 customer’s life.

The author is a Toyota Hilux driver and their OEM alternator failed after an appropriate lifespan. The alternator was replaced with an aftermarket model which barely survived six months.

After their previous experience, the author was reluctant to have another aftermarket model fitted, however their auto electrician recommended the OEX DXA552 130A alternator – a significant step up from their previous 85A alternators. Impressed by its ability to suit both Hiluxes and Prados, and its exceptional performance in the 2,000km since fitting, the author did some research on the OEX brand and was impressed by its credentials.

Describing OEX as “no lightweight in the aftermarket alternator stakes” the author was comfortable with their upgrade to an OEX alternator and is now confident they can rely on their new part.

It’s great to see aftermarket innovations recognized in the retail space and it’s testament to just how impressive OEX is to deliver such an impact.

To read the article for yourself, click here or the images below.