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Strength of Our People

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Our proud culture of leadership, continuous improvement, innovation, quality and safety has enabled Ashdown-Ingram to evolve into a multinational company with market leading positions in Australia and New Zealand. Ashdown-Ingram is a company built on the strength of its people. We are a company steered by a leadership team of experienced, well respected managers across various aspects of the business. 

The technical knowledge and expertise contained within Ashdown-Ingram’s network is second to none. In conjunction with our employee value proposition, Ashdown-Ingram ensures that the right staff are recruited and retained within the business, supported by a culture of continual learning and development, positioning Ashdown-Ingram to maintain a key competitive advantage.

Our philosophy of continual improvement is demonstrated by annual staff and customer surveys and a focus on career development is nurtured by ongoing performance coaching and internal rewards and recognition programmes. We harness the talent of our people and equip them with the skills to be highly successful through a variety of career enrichment and development opportunities. This investment in the careers and job satisfaction of our staff enhances our profile as an employer of choice.

Commitment to Safety

We strongly believe a safe business is a key performance indicator of a well run and successful business. Safety is a very important priority, aligned with our Company Value of “we genuinely care”.

We have a number of safety initiatives in place, aligned to our philosophy of “my brother’s keeper”. We have a trained “Safety Officer” at each of our sites, who works closely with the Manager and team as the “safety champion”.

 We conduct monthly site safety audits, provide on-line safety training across the business, provide monthly bulletins on an important safety topic and regularly review our safety practices.