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Ashdown-Ingram seeks out and attracts the world’s leading brands. We recognise that no single manufacturer can claim to be the world’s best in every product, so we supply our customers their choice of leading brands.

Technology is changing rapidly and Ashdown-Ingram is well placed to embrace these changes through our Original Equipment Manufacturer relationships, depth of specialist knowledge, and willingness to explore and understand how cutting edge technology can provide solutions for customers.

We are often aware of technology changes in modern day motor vehicles before their release, allowing our teams to begin research and development projects and comb the world sourcing solutions to meet evolving aftermarket needs. This allows our customers tap into the latest technologies, thinking and innovations, whilst always with the comfort of knowing they are backed by a winning team; Ashdown-Ingram and its global partners.

Access to a greater range of world-class products makes our customers more competitive – it’s our professional advantage.